The deadline has passed. Thanks to all those who submitted posters, and we are looking forward to a fascinating poster session.

The selected posters are:

Yitzchak Jaffe (Harvard University) - "Desire or Determinism? Delineating the Role of the Environment in Ancient Settlement Patterns"

* Na'ama Arom (Hebrew University) - "Mongol's Nightmare and Dream"

Angela Massafra (Sapienza University of Rome) - "Memories After the Collapse: Rest of the Middle Bronze Age Culture in the Late Bronze Age Southern Levant"

Lukasz Niesiolowski-Spano (University of Warsaw) - "Discontinuity and Cultural Memory: Iran Age I Changes in Canaan as the Break of Cultural Memory" 

Kamila Tomaskova (Charles University) - "State Fragmentation and Decline as a Natural Part of State Development in Ancient Egypt"

* Chen Bo (Hebrew Univeristy) - "The Twilight of the Enfeoffment System: A Perspective on the Cities of Districts of the Han Empire (206 BCE-220 CE)

* Jiri Janak (Charles University) - "In Heaven as it is on Earth: Impacts of Collapses and Crises upon Ancient Egyptian Religion"

* Amir Ben-Cohen (Hebrew University) - "The Unfallen Empire: Memory, Continuity and Ignoring Collapse in Mongolia"

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